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Medical Research For Our Patients:

Med Tech Research offers a variety of treatments for numerous conditions through clinical trials. All medication and treatments go through four phases of research. Our research facility conducts phase two, three and four studies.

A medication is approved by the FDA following the third phase. The fourth phase consists of comparative studies using medications that have already been approved by the FDA. Once a medication or treatment is approved by the FDA the general public is granted access. Research participants have access to treatments and medications that the general public does not.

couple dancingOften people look to research when they have hit a road block in their own health care. Clinical trials can offer other avenues of treatment. All clinical trials have study related procedures that are performed at no cost to the patient. Study related procedures often includes blood work, EKG, physical examination, blood pressure readings, and other specialized testing. Participant’s health and well-being is followed by the physician more closely in a study setting than a private practice because we must collect more information. Many patients find it very comforting knowing we are with them every step of the way to answer and address any concerns.  


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